Shunya A Net-Zero Energy Home

The emphasis in a net zero home is to take a radical approach towards attaining maximum sustainability by utilizing natural recourses. To reach net-zero affordably, designers aggressively reduce energy demands and loads, optimize passive strategies and if needed, incorporate efficient active mechanical strategies. The focus is on reducing peak energy demand of the building to as low as 1.5 w per sq.ft; against 8 to 10 w per sqft. This highly energy efficient home works on the principle of utilizing renewable energy from sun and is independent of any electricity grid.

The 3C Company takes pride in addressing the biggest challenge of this century Global Warming with Net-Zero Energy Home - SHUNYA, an evolved way of thinking and sustainable living. A Net-Zero Energy Home works on the principle of utilizing maximum renewable energy from sun, wind, etc. and is independent of any electricity grid.

3C Architect and consultant Vidur BHaradwaj is known for delivering Gold and Platinum rated LEED Certified residential, commercial and workplaces in multiple cities in India
Architect, consultant and advisor, Vidur Bharadwaj, has delivered world-class Gold-rated and Platinum-rated structures in India.