Office Complex

Knowledge Boulevard

Knowledge Boulevard is a GOLD rated LEED certified Green Building by IGBC. Location is one keyword that can be best used to describe Knowledge Boulevard that faces the National Highway 24 in sector 62, NOIDA.

3C Architect and consultant Vidur BHaradwaj is known for delivering Gold and Platinum rated LEED Certified residential, commercial and workplaces in multiple cities in India
Architect, consultant and advisor, Vidur Bharadwaj, has delivered world-class Gold-rated and Platinum-rated structures in India.

Green Boulevard

Green Boulevardis the World's Largest Platinum rated LEED certified Green Building from USGBC in Shell & Core Category. The building is a multi-tenant project that is based on the concept of creating a congenial campus like environment, where every tenant can share common areas, facilities and still retain their privacy.


Wipro Campus, Gurgaon is a Platinum Rated LEED certified Green Building. US Green Building Council honored this project in year 2005 with LEED Platinum award with 57 points, which makes the Wipro project the second highest and the largest platinum rated green building in the world and highest in Asia.

Wipro Campus

Wipro Campus Greater Noida is a Gold rated LEED certified Green Building by IGBC in New Construction Category.

Tech Boulevard

Tech boulevard, buildings are designed around a central court in a way that each tower gets it own identity and visibility while "being part of the whole" campus; sharing resources and spaces for efficiencies and interaction.


The building is designed around two beautifully landscaped courtyards with water bodies, plants and sculptures as visual nodes, which enhance and bind the space.

International Home Deco Park

The studios are designed in clusters interconnected by common court areas; each court has its distinct character and features and is yet part of a larger thematic architectural principle that flows throughout the structure and the surrounding compound.


The main focus of this project, that covers a total built-up area of 1,800,000 sq.ft., is on making a rational, sentient building that owes its distinctive style to the harmonious composition between the built and the open.

Oxygen Boulevard

Oxygen Boulevard, a notified IT SEZ, is designed as a singular complex with separate buildings within it. These buildings while retaining their distinct individualities and identities come together as a single complex that shares common facilities and amenities.