Spectral Services

Spectral Services Gold rated LEED certified Green Building from USGBC

The design maximizes natural daylight and fresh air, uses less energy, cuts running cost and improves work environment. The project demonstrates exemplary performance in construction waste management and use of regional materials. Rapidly renewable materials like Bamboo with recycled content that are not harmful to occupant’s health are used to give the project a touch of nature.

Spectral Services, Hyderabad is a Gold Rated LEED certified project. The office is located at Jubliee Hills in the heart of Hyderabad city, which is well connected with adjacent areas by public transportation and has an excellent access to basic amenities. The workspace design exhibits an attractive, collaborative and naturally daylight area. Majority of the workstations are positioned on the periphery of the floor plate; open plan layout with minimum interior walls allowing ample light and views helping in reducing energy bills.

3C Architect and consultant Vidur BHaradwaj is known for delivering Gold and Platinum rated LEED Certified residential, commercial and workplaces in multiple cities in India
Architect, consultant and advisor, Vidur Bharadwaj, has delivered world-class Gold-rated and Platinum-rated structures in India.