Wipro Platinum rated LEED certified Green Building from USGBC

The Wipro Campus is an exemplary energy efficient building. Notable features include - a reduced overall conductance for the envelops, terrace gardens, high performance grass with optimum visual light transmittance, exterior light shelves and over hangs for all windows, efficient chillers, efficient lighting using lamps and ample daylight spaces with photo sensor controls.

Wipro Campus, Gurgaon is a Platinum Rated LEED certified Green Building by IGBC (under the umbrella of USGBC). The main focus of the design is the inverted cone, strategically located at the cross junction of two roads to give visibility to the building. A key highlight of the building is a controlled, open to sky landscape courtyard that will contribute towards keeping the building cool during summers. All open office spaces overlook the courtyard, thus allowing good access to daylight.

3C Architect and consultant Vidur BHaradwaj is known for delivering Gold and Platinum rated LEED Certified residential, commercial and workplaces in multiple cities in India
Architect, consultant and advisor, Vidur Bharadwaj, has delivered world-class Gold-rated and Platinum-rated structures in India.