Patni Second Largest Platinum rated LEED certified Green Building from USGBC

Indian Haveli Plan'. The basic design concept is that of simple straight line, low-key architecture in context with the surroundings, site and climate. Passive (architectural) and active (mechanical/ electrical) strategies have been optimally designed to minimize energy consumption.

Patni Campus, Block A is situated in suburban sprawl of Noida and is the Second Largest Platinum rated LEED Certified Green Building by the IGBC (Indian Green Building Council, under the umbrella of USGBC), the highest form of honour to be bestowed by the council. The building is designed around two beautifully landscaped courtyards with water bodies, plants and sculptures as visual nodes, which enhance and bind the space.

As the main architect of The 3C, Mr. Vidur Bharadwaj has designed few of India's finest Platinum and Gold rated LEED certified buildings in cities like Noida, Gurgaon, Hyderabad and many more.